lunes, 6 de junio de 2011

Estantería flotante con sistema de rotación

Suspend Disbelief: 7 Floating & Rotating Shelving Systems
Hanging precariously (and sometimes off-center) on thin metal poles or, these simple sets of wood shelves and glass boxes seem to hover in the air. Better yet: some of the units spin on their axis, rotating to display books or other decorative objects.
Designed by T. Colzan, these Domino shelving systems work as singular towers in the middle of spaces but also operate well in tandem (or triplicate) as visual room dividers, semi-opaque screens and conceptual spatial separators.
Decorative but functional, the metal support poles allow for other modular attachments as well – such as televisions suspended in between sets of shelves. The catch? Small spaces might find it difficult to accommodate objects that rotate – these end up requiring more area total than a normal wall-hanging or corner shelving unit.

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